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Jay Cutler Benched in Favor of Jimmy Clausen; Is He Done in Chicago?

Fans in Chicago knew it was coming… eventually. On Wednesday, ESPN reported that Bears’ embattled quarterback Jay Cutler was being benched in favor of Jimmy Clausen. Jimmy Clausen? Really? The same Clausen who was the » Read More

Are the Miami Heat as Good as Predicted Since LeBron Left?

As soon as LeBron James announced that he was leaving the Miami Heat and rejoining his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, it seemed as if every angry Heat fan had a reason as to why » Read More

Brian Cashman on Alex Rodriguez: “I can’t expect Alex to be anything”

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is not painting a pretty picture of Alex Rodriguez. In fact, it seems to be pretty clear that Cashman cannot stand A-Rod. Evidence of that came on Tuesday » Read More

Florida Panthers Defeat Washington Capitals in NHL’s Longest Shootout Ever

Normally, there would be nothing overly newsworthy about an NHL game in December between the Florida Panthers and Washington Capitals. But on Tuesday night, the two teams skated to what eventually ended up being the » Read More

Sprint to Step Down as Title Sponsor After 2016

First, a little history lesson on the previous NASCAR title sponsors. 1949: Strictly Stock Series 1950 – 1970: Grand National Series 1971 – 2003: Winston Cup Series 2004 – 2007: Nextel Cup Series 2008 – » Read More

Jon Gruden Won’t Coach Your Team Until at Least 2021

If you’re a football fan hoping that Jon Gruden will be the new head coach of your favorite team, then you have a long time to wait. On Monday night (how fitting), ESPN announced that » Read More

Who Wants to Coach at Michigan? Apparently Not Les Miles

A couple of weeks ago, Florida hired their new head football coach. And soon after, Nebraska did the same. Florida now has Jim McElwain who replaced Will Muschamp. Nebraska now has Mike Riley who replaced » Read More

Johnny Manziel on His Awful Performance Sunday: “It’s going to take time”

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Cleveland Browns, you still remember the feeling you got when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the Browns had selected Johnny Manziel late in the first round » Read More

Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys Get Revenge Against Eagles

When the Philadelphia Eagles took the lead over the Dallas Cowboys 24-21 with 5:42 remaining in the third quarter, journalists were already busy crafting headlines and writing articles about the once-again December demise of Tony » Read More

Top Dale Earnhardt Jr. Quotes from 2014

Now that the 2014 season is over, it’s time to look back on the best quotes by top drivers throughout the season. Today let’s turn our attention to Dale Earnhardt Jr. who qualified for the Chase » Read More

Bowl Games You Should Actually Watch Besides the College Football Playoffs

Are you excited every year when the schedule for the bowl games is announced? There could be any number of reasons for getting excited such as seeing where your team will play, seeing what teams » Read More

Who Knew Richard Sherman Was Such a Businessperson?

Richard Sherman is a great cornerback, if not the best in the NFL. Sherman is a confident football player, perhaps the most confident there is. Sherman is also a top-notch businessman who will never have » Read More

Will NASCAR Tweak the Chase Rules for 2015? Here’s What We Know

For a ‘younger’ race fan like myself, I absolutely enjoyed the Chase format this season. Eliminating four drivers after every three races during the Chase put fans (and drivers) on the edge of their seats. » Read More

Big Moves Made at at MLB Winter Meetings; Dodgers Make Most Moves

As we enter the final day of the 2014 MLB Winter Meetings, there have been some blockbuster transactions including deals that will turn pretenders into instant contenders. Here is a quick look at the biggest » Read More

What’s Wrong with the San Francisco 49ers Offense Exactly?

The San Francisco 49ers are struggling this season with a 7-6 record and the center of their issues are squarely on the offensive side of the ball. A once promising young quarterback named Colin Kaepernick » Read More

Johnny Manziel Takes Over as Starter for the Browns

It may have took longer than most of us imagined, but the word is official — Johnny Manziel will start at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. In an announcement » Read More

Jon Lester to Sign With Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are finally starting to having things go their way. First it was the hiring of Joe Maddon as the team’s new manager. And on Tuesday, it was made official that the team » Read More

Changes Are Already Underway for the 2015 NASCAR Season

The 2014 NASCAR season may have just ended and the 2015 NASCAR season is still over two months away, but changes are already underway. No, these aren’t rule changes to the current Chase for the Sprint » Read More